About KMS

Welcome to the Website of Kalaimagal Matric Higher Secondary School, let me offer you here gist of glimpse of our outstanding school that grooms young enactive minds.  Kalaimagal School has a tremendous history of faith based educational excellence since the time of its establishment in 1996.   Right that turned into a school with legacy and a family for learning place to take a look at our website to learn about our facility and then call school to see us in action.

Vision and Value:

Our dynamic School is purposely built to educate young students for the twenty-first century; the best of traditional teaching empowered by the best of modern technology.

Our vision and values is the core of everything we do.  They underpin our teaching learning and provide a healthy and sound environment which prepares to make our students, a confident and happy citizens.

Our Mission:

The Kalaimagal Matric Higher Secondary School provides excellence education for our community. We support and encourage each individual in realizing the fullest potential by using an innovative and progressive’s methodology to develop academically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and morally in a nurturing and secure environment.  We guide each student to become a responsible and knowledgeable citizen.