Dr. P. Selvaraj., B.V.Sc. is the Managing Trustee of the TRUST, he availed B.V.Sc, degree from a reputed institution Madras Veterinary College in the country. He is one of the nationally renowned people in the Poultry Development in the country. He closely worked with Dr. B. V. Rao and continues to work with his successor Dr. Anurada Desai. When the whole country was suffering from hunger and poverty interwoven with malnutrition as a symbol of food insecurity parallel to Green Revolution he with a team worked for the development of poultry industry in Namakkal Zone and succeeded in creating Namakkal as EGG CITY in India and abroad. This development is a remarkable event in the democratic Indian History which had supported the GDP of the country and reduced poverty and food insecurity index of the country. In the process he identified that Veterinary College in Namakkal is essential and stood instrumental in establishing the same.

A strong believer of democracy and inclined to poor sections of the community he addressed issues of countries poverty in developing the poultry industry through acting as instrumental in creating many cooperative structure of poultry farmers in addressing their problems of poultry management and marketing. The strategy that he adopted in this venture is partnership building and value added market chain approach. As a model of potential poultry farming he started first commercial poultry farm in 1971 and subsequently Selvam Trading Company to cater the needs of the other poultry units of Feed, Medicine and Vaccines. In the process he had served in various capacities as follows

  • Chartered President, Rotary club of Namakkal Poultry Town
  • District Chairman, Poultry Development (Rotary District)
  • President, Rotary Club of Namakkal 1982
  • District Chairman, Veterinary (Rotary District)
  • Chairman, Fund raising committee Rotary Club of Namakkal, to Tamil Nadu Government to start Veterinary College at Namakkal
  • Chartered President, Technical Advisory Committee (TEC) by Tamil Nadu Poultry Farmers Welfare Association Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International

In today’s context the poultry industry facing various problems at Local, Regional and at National level. At local level the many of poultry farmers suffer from lack of appropriate technology in poultry disease and management which occurs from time to time addressing this Veteran Poultry Scientist Dr. P. Selvaraj runs a special Avian Research Laboratory for the present and future generations of poultry farmers addressing their day to day problems. Further he runs a Diploma Course on FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY in his Selvamm Arts and Science College to train educated youths to address the future problems of poultry industry through research. Here it is to be noted that this is the only course of its kind in India. At regional level he had been co-coordinating the poultry farmers of different states by collective effort in partnership mode through Committees, Associations and groups in coordinating the efforts of poultry farmers towards development of the country’s economy. Here, it is pertinent to mention that he is not only involved in the development of poultry farmers he also encourages the farmers supporting the poultry farmers like for example Feed Crop (Maize) cultivating farmers through evolving strategies for contract farming, Crop improvement, Rural storage godowns, etc. and works closely with M S Swaminathan Research Foundation in this direction. This shows his approach towards sustainable development with equitable sharing of benefits. With this approach he serves the Nation in the following capacities at present.

  • Chairman, National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC), for Tamil Nadu Zone
  • President, Tamil Nadu Poultry Farmers Federation, Namakkal
  • Vice-President, Tamil Nadu Hatchery Owners Association
  • Vice Chairman, The Association of National Poultry Feed Manufacturers, Guttekedi, Pune
  • Member, World Poultry Science Association, India Branch
  • Member, Karnataka Hatchery Owners Association
  • Member, Board Based Advisory Group, Agriculture Human Resource Development Project, Tamil Nadu and Animal Science University
  • Member, Veterinary Council
  • Director, S.N.S. Data Scribe, Coimbatore

At National level he addresses policy issues related to the countries development directly and indirectly at his various capacities. He believes that strengthening education would strengthen the Governments capacity to face the future problems of the country. In this direction for the development of Science and Technology he had been involved in communicating the Government and creating education infrastructure for community development through creating a TRUST in September 1999. The Trust he registered in the name of his beloved father V. Ponnusamy and is so called as V. Ponnusamy Educational and Charitable Trust.