Special features:

Kinder Garden:

We specially implement and provide MI – KIDS training to KG classes, which helps them to know sounds of English Alphabet and very sound Knowledge of English letters and words with help of Phonics


In our school, we follow and facilitate the primary class for the four fold process of learning and an innovative pedagogy called E – DAC learning system.  It helps the children to improve attitude and perceptions of learning to be positive and natural learning environment.

In addition to that, we provide Life Skills training and Communicative English to Students for provoking their inborn skills and knowledge together through Incline Trainers.

Extra-Curricular activities:

We still concentrate on Co-curricular activities, comprising a package of Martial and fine Arts training like, Dance, Vocal singing and Band Parade. We inculcate and developing the students through some skills based activities like Hand writing, Spoken English and Abacus training.

Parental Guidance:

Our Students academic performances and day to day activities are sent to the parents through messages to each students. Apart from that special care taken to the students by providing Online classes for Secondary and Higher Secondary classes then and there. 

Guest faculty:

Delegates are brought then and there and counseling sessions are conducted for students, teachers and also parents.